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This image contains a number of known objects - mouse over the blue text "Names" above to see the names. I an a little uncertain if I am pointing correctly at NGC 2158 - a small reddish star cluster just below M35 (please correct me if I am wrong).

Below is a list of the objects with links to more information.

After a few images I noticed that the Jelly Fish was a very faint object with low surface brightness. Light pollution prevented me from taking long subs - I had to settle with 3min (with the Astronomik CLS light pollution filter). Even thou I have more than 10hours it is still very faint in the RGB only image. A narrower field of view image taken with the ML8300 can be viewed here.

With the Ha clip in filter taking long subs was no problem.

The image above is mainly an Ha image (blended 80% into the red channel of the RGB image), except for the Monkey Nebula (which was bright enough for the RGB image), which I masked into the (HaR)GB image. Not completely correct but the best I could do with the data I had.
I also ended up with a zillion of different processed images, trying out different things. In the end I settled for the one shown above, but I am still uncertain if this is the "best" one. Therefore I added a less stretched version.

By "mouse over" on the blue text just below the image you can see:

The following software has been used. MaximDL (image acquisition and guiding), CCDStack (calibration and RGB scaling, PixInsight (cropping, background correction, colour corrections) and Photoshop CS5 (all the rest, incl Noel Carbonis Astronomy Tools).

This image was processed in January 2011


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