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In the image above you can see the main items in my setup. Two things that might need some further explanation is the pier extension and the "balance weight" on top of the OTA.

To balance the OTA around the Alt axis one pushes the OTA forward or backward in the OTA-rings. This can be a little cumbersome since the OTA plus gear weigh quite a lot. Adding and changing the orientation of equipment may also cause slight changes of balance. I have solved this by first doing a good enough balancing by pushing the OTA forward/backward in the OTA-rings and then moving the "balance weight" forward/backward for fine adjustments.

Previously I had a CGE mount with Dan's adapter plate. It turned out that that adapter plate had a too large diameter for the DDM60, causing the OTA to hit the adapter plate in certain positions. Also the ASA N10 is longer than my previous OTAs so for some positions the OTA would hit the concrete pier. Thus I ordered a pier extension from Epsilon (which I can recommend sincerely) that was long enough to prevent the OTA from hitting the concrete pier and that had a diameter matching the base plate of the DDM60. While I was at it I also ordered a az-adjustment plate. The DDM60, unlike the DDM85, only has tip/tilt az-adjustmens. It is usually good enough but having a more conventional az-adjustment is making things a little easier.



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