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Building my own observatory was a conclusion I came to from carrying my CGE mount out in the garden all the time. It is heavy enough and the setup time (including polar alignment and all that) long enough to hinder frequent photographing. Even if the observatory is small it took a year from start to finish. Having a permanent place for all the astro gear has several advantages. The setup time is minimal and there is no one complaining that telescopes and other stuff takes up a large part of the living room.

My son, Daniel, skilled in the art of graffiti, was kind enough to provide the observatory with a nice sign here used as an entry to the pages where I show you some pictures of the Spur Observatory, its surroundings and some of my gear.


Below is a 360 deg view of the skyline I have to deal with. Stockholm is polluting the sky to the west and there is a local centre that pollutes the south :-( But those are not the largest problems, the clouds are...

What would a presentation of ones observatory be without a picture of the pier, mount and scope? Here it is.

The pier is made of concrete but dressed in wooden board. Not so much to make it look fancy, but to be able to hang stuff on it. On top of it you can see the Celestron CGE mount with a Celestron 800 tube (203 mm, f10). On top of the OTA sits a William Optics 66mm Zenistar (double APO). In front of the WO is the head for shooting pictures with camera lenses (Canon 200mm and 85mm). Since I am still trying to figure out how to use the mount properly (auto guiding etc) I mostly take pictures with a Baader modified Canon 40D and one of the mentioned camera lenses. In the back of the OTA you can see an Orion starshoter deep space imager. There is also a dew heater and a self modified Canon 300D. Connected is also a TCF-S focuser which I have bought ahead of time in my learning curve (have not gotten to the stage where I can make proper use of it - yet).

All this is hooked up to a really old and cranky Pentium computer. Slow but it has two COM ports!

Not seen in the picture is my AstroTrac which I like a lot, especially for its portability.